Hi Viz Workwear

Complete Range of Hi-Vis Workwear

When it comes to industries like construction, mining, road work and emergency services, workers must be readily visible to prevent any injuries or accidents. Aussie Signage & Safety has a range of hi-vis workwear to enhance worker visibility in low-light conditions or hazardous environments.

Fluorescent or Brightly Coloured Material

Hi-vis safety wear is usually made from fluorescent or brightly coloured materials, from green to yellow or orange, with reflective tape for added visibility. The range includes safety jackets, vests, shirts and pants, among others.

Hi-vis clothing also plays a key role in providing protection from fire, chemicals and hazards such as sharp objects. For example, hi-vis clothing can be made from flame- or water-resistant materials to protect workers from any risks in their line of work.

A Vital Part of Workplace Safety

A vital part of workplace safety, wearing hi-vis workwear is often mandated by legal or industry regulations. Talk to Aussie Signage & Safety about choosing what is right for your industry and specific application for maximum visibility and protection.